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Arizona luxury home ownership your best investment

Exclusive Arizona Buyers Agents help you understand why your luxury home is such a solid investment. Your Exclusive Arizona Buyers Agent will help.

Buying a Scottsdale luxury home is far more than a real estate transaction; it’s about the preservation and growth of family assets, building long-term value, and maximizing personal equity and the critical need to protect them. The relationship with your agent should be much more too. An exclusive luxury home buyer brokerage, such as Arizona Buyers Agents, LLC, provides the full range of service and protection to ensure a superior Arizona luxury real estate home buying experience.

A fall 2013 survey by Better Homes and Gardens of 500 luxury home owners indicated that luxury home owners and buyers place a high value on real estate. According to the survey, 75 percent of luxury home buyers believe home ownership is a sounder investment than the stock market. And what’s more, 57 percent of luxury home owners say home ownership is a bigger indicator of success than their job or title.

“The luxury consumer is considered a trendsetter in most industries, and to see the strong connection this consumer has with ‘home’ is very significant as we look at the real estate market as a whole,” says Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. “The luxury home buyer has high standards and invests the money, the time, and the commitment to making their home fit their needs and reflect who they are. It’s remarkable that they do this so well that nearly all—93 percent—believe their house is the best one on their block.”

Whether you are considering an Arizona luxury real estate investment as your only luxury home or you’re fifth property, an exclusive Arizona buyer’s agent will have the expertise you need to help you make the decisions best for you and your investment portfolio.

As the real estate market recovers, there’s a new vote of confidence that’s evident among Arizona luxury real estate buyers and buyers throughout the country. Investing in more than one home has become a trend in today’s luxury market. According to a September 2013 Better Homes and Gardens survey of 500 luxury home owners, a majority (53%) prefer owning multiple “lifestyle” homes to support activities like skiing or theater going. In fact, more than half (58%) of luxury homebuyers already own multiple homes to support their lifestyle activities.

With luxury property values increasing, a luxury home investment remains a lucrative investment option. So how can you prosper in multiple luxury real estate investing? The right Arizona exclusive buyer’s agent will tell you that while there's no strict formula you can follow to make certain your investments pay off, but there are some basic rules to follow that will increase your chances of success.

Let’s explore the meaning of luxury on a personal level.

“It’s key to recognize the kinds of luxury homes that are going to appeal to buyers and identify the things people want in a luxury home they would purchase from you,” says Perry Wilson, realtor with Exclusive Arizona Buyer’s Agents, LLC in Scottsdale. “You often hear luxury homes defined as any property that costs over $1 million, but there are many definitions based on your perspective. Luxury could mean a desirable neighborhood, ease of access to popular destinations, or those little extras such as a Jacuzzi, a tennis court or a trophy room.”

Involving an experienced and exclusive Arizona buyer’s real estate agent is especially important in buyer’s Arizona luxury real state purchase to facilitate the transaction quickly and efficiently. This is important because often it’s necessary to strike while the iron is hot to secure the best possible investment opportunity. More than likely there will be much more interest in Scottsdale luxury real estate, attracting many suitors with lots of disposable cash, or at least the ability to easily borrow the money they need. Don't forget to seek expert help when considering real estate investment. A reputable real estate consultant understands what is desirable and what isn't, and can help you to avoid the numerous pitfalls involved.
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