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Buyers Notice Small Flaws

Sometimes, sellers don’t realize that it can be the “small things” that turn into big obstacles for buyers when closing a sale. Here’s a list of seven of these seemingly small flaws:


1.     Torn window screens

Screens wear out over time but if yours are torn, fix them. They can be a hassle to fix but buyers want sellers to do so.


2.     Door locks that stick

Malfunctioning door locks, especially on an exterior door, can be a safety issue. Sellers should fix all sticky or malfunctioning door locks before they become an issue for potential


3.     Small closets

Many sellers are focused on closets…size, quantity, location, etc. Sellers should declutter all closets so they appear roomier. If buyers need more, suggest which ones can be enlarged,
if needed.


4.     Old electrical panels

Outdated electrical panels or ones that are not up to code can be a deal breaker. Ensure that yours are all working properly before this becomes an issue.


5.     Laundry room location

Often, the location of the laundry room is very important to buyers. Newer homes have laundry rooms near the master bedroom, but older homes do not. If this is an issue to potential
buyers, and a move can be accommodated, offer to move the appliances to solve this often tricky issue.


6.     Bathtub or shower

Some buyers prefer tubs, others want only showers. Often this cannot be changed quickly or easily. Just be aware of this and ensure that your showers and tubs are clean and not a color
that is not preferred.


7.     Kitchen walls

If your kitchen is closed in, consider opening it up because buyers today are looking for open kitchens. You may not want to do the work, but it may pay off for you.





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