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Buying a luxury builder’s new home

Should I use an Arizona exclusive buyers agent?

Yes. It is just as important to use a qualified Arizona buyer’s agent in purchasing a new home. Benefits include:
  • There is no additional cost involved to have an Scottsdale buyers real estate agent represent you. The builder cannot give you any cash back because you are not licensed as a real estate agent. It would be illegal, so therefore the builder cannot give anything back to you, the buyer.
  • Knowledge and history of various developments help match the buyer with the right community.
  • Knowledge of builders' pricing strategies helps buyers determine best negotiating strategy.
  • Knowledge of other builders of equal and greater quality help buyers get the best builder for the money.
  • Knowledge of builders' reputations regarding quality, follow- up, warranty, and financial stability, help prevent problems after the sale is closed.
  • In many cases, lower prices or other concessions are offered to buyers with buyer agents, as builders consider these agents as "multiple sources of buyers." Individual buyers buy only one home; buyer agents may bring in many buyers.
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