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Exclusive Buyers Agents are Unique

Many brokerages in Arizona have agents who carry the “designated buyers agent” title. What this basically means is that the agent represents buyers for the brokerage, and they may have completed classes if it’s an actual designation. Remember, chances are the brokerage itself also represents sellers and holds listings for homes for sale: in other words, they also work for sellers. If you work with a designated buyers agent and he or she shows you a property that is listed by that same brokerage, that is, in effect, dual agency.

Dual agency is legal in Arizona and many other states but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Dual agency can compromise your rights as a buyer because the brokerage owes its fiduciary duties to the seller.

Keep in mind the example in the first paragraph. Many times incentives are offered to agents in a brokerage to show buyers homes that are listed by that brokerage. With an exclusive buyers agent, this can’t happen because we do not hold any listings. In fact, as members of the National Association for Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA), we cannot hold listings or our membership in this premier organization will be revoked. The “exclusive” title is a higher ranking than designated or certified or any other adjective; it’s simply the best way to protect your interests as a buyer.

Working with an exclusive buyers agent such as Exclusive Arizona Buyers Agents (AZBA) means you have 100% loyalty from us. We owe all of our fiduciary duties to you, the buyer. We can and will show you every listing you’d like to see with no pressure or incentives to show homes from a particular brokerage.

It’s smarter and simpler to work with an exclusive buyers agent; you know that all your interests are protected and you’ll see the widest options of homes available. Contact AZBA today to begin your home buying journey with an exclusive buyers agent by your side.


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