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Seek a Buyer's Agent for Maximum Value

You’ve never settled, so why start now when you’re looking for the ideal luxury home in Arizona? When considering your luxury home purchase, the first steps you take may just make or break your home buying experience. Surprisingly, many people are attracted by that open house sign or that listing they happen to learn about that takes them – unprotected – into a situation where their first encounter is with a listing agent rather than a buyer agent. Any advantage they would have had disappears because the listing agent is representing the seller, not you. The agent you connect with first is critical to the representation you’ll receive. When you are represented by an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, you’re assured of premium – and exclusive – protection of your interests from day one that will give you every advantage.

There are many reasons to hire an exclusive buyer’s agent rather than a listing agent, but none of them more important than the exclusive representation and full protection you receive to prioritize and secure your best interests. Two examples are stated above—when you negotiate a contract or want the better deal on title insurance. An Exclusive Arizona Buyer’s Agent provides you with the information you need to ensure you understand all your options and perform the necessary due diligence that can better position you in your decisions, negotiations, and in all other aspects of your Scottsdale luxury home purchase.

Exclusive Arizona Buyers Agents is uniquely qualified to perform services the seller’s agent can’t, such as provide solid reasons not to buy a particular property; negotiate the best price and terms; include contingencies in the contract for protection, rather than the seller as in most standard contracts; and strengthen the bargaining position of Scottsdale luxury home buyers.

Turn to Arizona Buyers Agents for the home buying advantage that transforms prospects into results, and elevates your home buying experience.

“When you go to an open house and meet a real estate agent showing the property, that agent represents the seller’s interests. So you might be better off using a buyer’s agent whose job is to represent your interests. In addition to showing you homes that meet your criteria, a buyer’s agent can help you negotiate a contract and may help you get a better deal on title insurance.”


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