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The Internet of Things

Smart locks on our doors controlled by our phones; refrigerators that keep track of how many eggs are left; thermostats turn on when they detect you are almost home.

The internet of things, although invisible, can change the way builders and developers are planning home design and amenities.

As the IoT devices proliferate, the number of switches and panels needed in a home will diminish. If solar panels can be incorporated, residential spaces can be energy harvesters and not just users.

Condo developers are looking at new ways to work with smart elevators, camera-controlled front door locks, electronic guest passes and more.

Consumer habits have changed and more and more we want things delivered, be that meals, packages or ice cream.  Plus, drones and robotic concierge services may mean changes to rooftops and elevators.

Developers who are thinking ahead will put themselves in a position to compete successfully in the market as more and more consumers want smart homes.



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