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The Right Realtor Protects You in Every Phase

Consider last things first when searching for a Realtor®. Sound strange? Time to shift your paradigm. Before deciding on an agent for your premier Arizona luxury real estate purchase, it’s important to think about how much one will really help you in those final stages of the home buying process just as much as in those first steps you’ll take. Is there a guarantee your Realtor will side with you throughout every step, even when a conflict arises between buyer and seller? Not unless you have an exclusive Arizona buyers agent representing your best interests and protecting you. Imagine this: You’ve just completed the final walk through of your Arizona luxury home and are looking forward to closing the deal. A problem is revealed in the built-in refrigeration and a repair the seller initially agreed to complete hasn’t been made. Turns out, the seller has decided to claim no liability. Is your agent going to back you up or back the seller up? Or maybe even do nothing? In case of a conflict, how does a dual agent choose sides? You may think you know, but if “your” agent is working for the seller, too, as a dual agent, think again. In case of conflict a dual agent can’t take sides. A buyer agent (but not a dual agent) will support your position. Here’s a more serious scenario. What if the electric wiring in a portion of the house is defective and unsafe, and major repair or replacement is required? Your contract may give you the right to walk away but a standard inspection provision doesn’t mandate the seller to do anything. Will you walk away from your dream luxury home? Often, the seller will do what’s fair, but some only care about their bottom line. Would your agent fight for you to uphold what’s fair? Would your agent have a Plan B in the event you decide to walk away? Having an exclusive buyers agent on your side makes all the difference. Bottom line, a buyers real estate agent is your agent exclusively, protecting your rights and your investment. A true advocate for you.


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